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I have the pleasure to invite you to get acquainted with my offer of legal services
and to consider cooperation in the field of your interest.

What we do

Maciej Replin

Debt collection, ownership issues, disputes relating to personal rights, legal proceedings of usucaption, easements, evictings, tenancy issues, civil court representation, alternative dispute resolution.

Day-to-day business operations support, transformations of companies and entities, drafting of internal corporate acts.

Obligation law, matters related to improper performance of contractual obligations, structuring, analysis and drafting of civil collaterals.

Intellectual property matters, cases regarding new technologies, administrative court proceedings, representation before authorities of the State, bankruptcy proceedings.

Labour court proceedings, drafting of internal corporate acts, analysis and drafting of templates of contracts.

Main areas of interest

I would be especially interested in providing you legal services in the following fields:
- civil disputes,
- debt recovery and debt restructuring,
- contract law.

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